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XCEL RTD (Remote Tune Delivery) Device, Custom Pro Etune, and Two Flash Credits


This custom etune package is for Stock or lightly modified vehicles.  Modifications supported by this tune package include cold air intake, and exhaust. 


If vehicle is modified with larger diameter MAF housing as is common with many cold air intakes YOU will need to be ble to measure the inner diameter of the stock MAF housing and the new MAF housing so I can do the appropriate math in the tune.   This is very simple yet extremely critical to getting a new intake dialed in quickly and easily.

Includes two HP Tuners Credits.


Supported vehicles and other relevant information can be found in the link below.




Tuning and data logging your vehicle has never been easier. Once you get your XCEL RTD device scan the QR code on it, download the app, enter our tuner ID which you get by email after purchase, connect the device to your vehicles OBD II port, pull your vehicles map and send it to us all via your smartphone. Next, we send you back your vehicles new custom performance tune which you flash back into the vehicle with the XCEL RTD.


NOTE- check and see if your vehicle needs the PCM unlocked and a data cable installed like newer Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram on HP Tuners website, link above, or contact us at


If the PCM needs unlocked you can buy an unlocked PCM from HP Tuners or you can send yours in for $250 to be unlocked.  CDJR Vehicles may also need the data cable which we sell or you can order directly from HP Tuners with an unlocked ecu. We do not make much off the cables, save us all a headache and just order it with your unlocked ecu directly from them.  Some CDJR vehicles may also need the data cable installed behind the dash. If unsure just contact us.  PURCHASE A NEW PCM OR UPGRADE SERVICE here


XCEL RTD and Custom Etune

  • Package includes one XCEL RTD Device and one Custom ECU Tune with three revisions.

    TWO CREDITS INCLUDED (most vehicles).  Double Check and see how many your vehicle needs here then add as many credits as you need to the cart.  Buy more individual credits in our store if needed.

    Why XCEL Tuning? Smooth, safe, and powerful ECU calibrations (tunes)

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