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  • What is the difference between an XCEL Custom Pro Etune and an XCEL Performance Etune?
    Both maps are customized; An XCEL Performance Etune is a custom tune file but does not include revisions. XCEL Custom Pro Etunes include revisions on top of the customized XCEL Performance Etune. Revisions refine the operation of the vehicle.
  • Custom Pro Etune or Performance Etune?
    Vehicles equipped with larger injectors, headers, cam, etc will require an XCEL Custom Pro Etune. Vehicles with singular, basic modifications like a cold air intake or catback will not require revisions for most vehicles.
  • Why XCEL Tuning for my daily driver Etune?
    XCEL Tuning specializes in daily driven vehicle tuning.
  • How can you tune so many different cars safely?
  • How many revisions does an XCEL Pro Etune Include?
    As many as it takes! usually 2-3 are enough for most mildly modified muscle cars and imports. Sometimes it is discovered during the tuning process that there are vacuum leaks, boost leaks, leaking injectors, failing crank/cam position sensors, oil control valves, etc.. These things must be fixed and verified in a data log before I will send more revisions. I can walk you through these things and offer remote troubleshooting where you have my undivided attention to help solve the vehicles issue, must be scheduled.
  • That gas saver chip is $45 at Autoland and yours is 10x more... why?
    Those performance/gas-saver chips at Autoland do nothing except possibly adjust pedal response on vehicles equipped with electronic throttlebodies.
  • How long does it take to complete an XCEL Custom Pro Etune?
    Once you send logs expect a tune back within 24 hrs unless weekend/holiday/announced on website.
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