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About XCEL Tuning  

XCEL Tuning provides some of the safest yet most powerful custom ECU etuning services and tunes to customers owning high performance daily driven vehicles over the internet, all over the world.  Tuning customer vehicles has never been a more seamless process than today.  With XCEL's HP Tuners Licensed XCEL RTD Devices you can pull your vehicles ecu / ecm / transmission calibration file and send it directly to me for editing which I then send back to you in the app once edited.   Full datalogging capability is provided by the XCEL RTD.  All that you need to do is download the TDN app from the app-store, connect the XCEL RTD to your vehicles OBDII port, turn your ignition on and follow the prompts and instructions to flash your vehicles ecu, pcm, or transmission with one of my safe and powerful custom maps.  

RTD's and Tune Packages can be found here.

-Greg Armbruster
HP Tuners Authorized Tuner
EcuTek Master Tuner 

2021 XCEL Tuning Compound BoostedChallenger Hellcat with XCEL Turbo Kit With 106mm Comp Turbo Installed
Greg's 2018 Compound Boost Subaru Sti
Outfront Motorsports Closed Deck Casehalves With CP Pistons Built by Greg Armbruster
BSP (XCEL) 1700cc Fuel Injectors

What Makes a Great ECU Tune?

It's hard to quantify what makes a great ecu tune but we can start with reliability and feel.  Crafting tunes to reliably push 100+ HP per cylinder on appropriately modified vehicles is what we do in addition to the many stock or lightly modified tunes I do for customers.  I revise nearly every aspect of fueling, spark timing, cam timing, and boost control.

Dependable Tunes

XCEL Tuning ECU Etunes and XCEL Tuning Tunes are designed with dependability in mind.


Keeping your modified car running longer makes sense.  

Questions and Availibility

We work with all of our customers to get them scheduled as quickly as possible.  Email Sales@xceltuned with any special scheduling requests.  

If you are just shopping around and have some questions feel free to dm us on Instagram or Facebook


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